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Because I am often inviting other teachers into my classrooms but also going into others classrooms as a resource as well, I am able to borrow a lot of strategies for my own lessons and students to try out. While it is not directly a collaboration, I do find I learn a great deal being in other teachers’ classrooms and observing their routines and procedures. I also work with my department to be sure I am delivering lessons in a way that resonates with how students may see it in a classroom they enter after mine, and with my grade level team so that students could, if they theoretically needed to, travel between classrooms and be assured they are getting the same quality and level of information regardless of teacher, so those elements are also always a part of my planning as far as collaboration in a lesson or unit.

  Coaching and Mentoring: Observations
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Geometric and Arithmetic Sequences

Unit 3: Numeracy
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create an explicit formula for a sequence of numbers.

Big Idea: Students will model arithmetic and geometric sequences by identify a common difference or ratio.

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Math, Algebra, Integers, division, multiplication, geometric patterns, evaluating algebraic expressions
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