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There are a lot of opportunities for me to be observed in my classroom and receive feedback. Outside of weekly informal observations by my assistant principal, I am a teacher in a district that requires five formal observations throughout the year and debriefing with recommendations for improving my practice. Within my building, I also have an instructional coach I can request to my class, department head, and can usually even just ask my colleagues to step in and observe a class or review a lesson if I am uncertain. There are also many professional organizations a person can seek out, from TLI to Math for America where others are always willing to be a resource to provide feedback in the classroom.

  Coaching and Mentoring: Observations
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Graphing Linear Inequalities

Unit 7: Linear Inequalities
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT represent the solution to a linear inequality on the coordinate plane.

Big Idea: Students will combine their knowledge of inequalities and linear functions to graph solution sets.

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