Reflection: Checks for Understanding Stacking Cups: Systems of Equations Real World Application - Section 4: Partner Practice


I used the “Partner Practice” section to move around the room and check in on individual students and their thinking and process in approaching the problems. During this time, I can clarify some student misunderstandings or encourage peer collaboration so that they can learn and correct one another. Taking anecdotal notes and then calling upon both students who demonstrated proficiency and who I had to address one on one while moving around the classroom to solve problems when we went to whole-group review also allowed me to assess understanding informally.

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  Checks for Understanding: Class Check-In
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Stacking Cups: Systems of Equations Real World Application

Unit 6: Systems of Linear Equations
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of systems of equations to model a real world scenario.

Big Idea: Students use data to create equations describing a concrete scenario. Students analyze the equations as a system to solve a problem.

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