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My previous students struggled with domain and range throughout the school year. This school year I decided to break this lesson apart into three separate lessons spread out over days.

Day One: Domain and range from a table, discrete graph, ordered pairs, mapping diagram

Day Two: Domain and range from a continuous graph, using inequality symbols

Day Three: Domain and range in a real world context

This decision helped solidify this topic with students, which was helpful to me because I did not have to do as much reteaching. I also found that the extra time spent on domain and range helped students have a better understanding about the domain and range of a function in a real world context.

  Unit Planning: Pacing
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Domain and Range

Unit 2: Linear & Absolute Value Functions
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify the domain and range of a function. SWBAT analyze the domain and range of continuous and discrete functions.

Big Idea: Students will use real world examples to solidify their understanding of continuous and discrete inputs and outputs.

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