Reflection: Adjustments to Practice What is a Function? - Section 2: Introduction + Guided Practice


Mathematical Language → In this lesson I am sure to relay the idea of functions through careful questioning and probing regarding the input and output. For example, when describing ordered pairs aloud {(2,3)(4,8)}, I am sure to say “When you input 2, 3 is the output”, “When you input 4, 8 is the output”.

 Additionally, I am very careful to make sure that students don’t condense the class material into a “rule” (If the x values repeat it’s not a function), and rather that they focus on the reasonability and reliability of a function with two different outputs. This focus on their mathematical thinking will support the work we will continue to do with functions as we continue on in this unit.

  Adjustments to Practice: Language
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What is a Function?

Unit 2: Linear & Absolute Value Functions
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Objective: SWBAT identify functions from ordered pairs, a table, a graph, and a mapping diagram.

Big Idea: Students will identify whether a relation is a function by examining its inputs and outputs or with the vertical line test.

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