Reflection: Trust and Respect The Last Day of School! - Section 2: Marshmallow Challenge


The Marshmallow challenge is a fun and entertaining way to end the school year. I like this activity because it still requires students to think strategically without making it seem like “work”. It is also a good way to see how far students have come in terms of group work over the course of the year. After watching the video I like to ask the students what stood out to them. Hopefully someone will comment about the fact that kindergartners do better than graduates from business school because they try more different ways. I like to draw a parallel to math and point out that many math problems can be solved in multiple ways and the students who think about different ways to solve a problem and then choose the best or easiest way for them often make the best mathematicians. Then we talk about other “marshmallows” in life - challenges to which there are many possible approaches. I like to leave them with the advice that as they go into summer and on with their lives, they make an effort to notice when they have “marshmallow” situations and don’t give up if their first try doesn’t work.  Be like the kindergarteners and try another approach.

  Trust and Respect: Collaboration
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The Last Day of School!

Unit 10: Bridge to 10th Grade
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Objective: SWBAT celebrate their last day as Algebra One students.

Big Idea: Students will participate in two group activities to welcome the start of Summer.

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