Reflection: Student Communication Almost There! (The Second to Last Day of School) - Section 2: The Story of 1


This particular day was dedicated to student conferencing in order to address students’ progress and individual strengths and weaknesses, so the majority of the class, when they were not conferencing, were given a documentary to watch and a timeline to fill out. The timeline itself is pretty straightforward and organized, so I was not too concerned with students not understanding it, although we reviewed it in its entirety before releasing the students anyway. Watching a documentary in math class is a rather unexpected and relatively new experience, so students were more or less engaged, if not a little relieved to be free of a math task today.

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Almost There! (The Second to Last Day of School)

Unit 10: Bridge to 10th Grade
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT discover the history of the number one.

Big Idea: Students will watch a BBC film that depicts the story of the number one.

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