Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Leap of Faith! - Section 2: Barbie Bungee Lab


This lesson is a favorite for both teachers and students. You can give student more or less direction depending on their ability and how quickly they catch on to the lab. Some students will catch on quickly and may finish the lab early.  For those students I added a section in which students choose random items from the classroom to repeat the bungi lab with. They collect and track data the same way they did with the Barbie. Groups can compete against each other but many of them do not even need the allure of competition, the act of dropping things out a window is prize enough.  The practice with the other items helps start the data synthesis. The trial runs support their process with the barbie. They can do multiple scatter plots when using additional items. If time allows, the trial runs are a great addition for the whole class.

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Leap of Faith!

Unit 10: Bridge to 10th Grade
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Students will review linear functions through a lab activity.

Big Idea: Students will find a linear relationship between the number of rubber bands and height.

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