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Since this is the first day of review for the Final Exam a lot of students will need refreshers on how to approach problems.  I stress to students that there is only one of me and many of them, therefore they will need to rely on their notes for problems they have forgotten how to solve.  If, together with their partner, they cannot figure it out, they may ask someone in a different group for help.  If they still cannot figure it out then they can ask me.  I stress the order in which they consult for help: first is notes, second is a classmate, third is me. This not only frees me up to help students who are truly stuck but also teaches them how to problem solve independently.

  Final Exam Review
  Unit Planning: Final Exam Review
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Final Exam Review!

Unit 10: Bridge to 10th Grade
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Objective: SWBAT review major concepts in preparation for their final exam.

Big Idea: Students will review major cluster standards through a station activity.

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