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At this point in the curriculum it can be important to notice that anxiety and stress levels may have started to rise. The content has gotten challenging, finals loom in the not-too-distant future, work has been piling up from this and other classes, etc. These factors can create increased stress levels in students, teachers, and parents alike. It can be a good time to send home progress reports and positive notes about each student’s strengths.

Activities like today’s Math Train provide an opportunity to evaluate a student for both his content knowledge and his ability to seek guidance and/or provide assistance to others. Sometimes, even students who struggle with the content will excel in their ability to work with others or solicit help for themselves. This strength is worthy of praise too and can continue to foster a positive learning environment… especially when this praise is passed forward to a student’s parents.

  The Power of Positive Reinforcement
  Parent Communication: The Power of Positive Reinforcement
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Solving Rational Equations

Unit 5: Rational and Inverse Functions
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT solve equations that contain rational expressions.

Big Idea: Rational equations can be solved through "cross-multiplication" as long as the equation is put into the form FRACTION = FRACTION.

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Math, rational expressions, Algebra, rational equations, domain, arithmetic with rational expressions, cross multiplication, extraneous solutions
  90 minutes
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