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Kids come to my classroom from every walk of life. Some have had extensive experience with geometry, such as the student in my room whose dad is a tile layer. Some have absolutely no experience with geometry, such as the little girl who came to my room who has done nothing but watch cartoons since she was a toddler (information was provided by the grandmother and the mother substantiated it). She had never identified shapes, talked about shapes or had any world experiences with shapes. For her, everything I taught was foreign.

For my child of the tile-layer, she had helped dad at work a few times so she could see triangles in squares, make shapes out of shapes and identify 2D shapes by their attributes. For her I had to make this lesson more challenging so she is one of the students that was asked to create a picture by putting the shapes together to make more shapes. My little one with absolutely no shape experience was assigned a high-medium ability student to coach her through the activity of picking up the attribute blocks and tracing them. This helped the high-medium student to solidify her knowledge of triangles by teaching what she knew to my struggling student. They all learned something and each child's individual needs were met.

  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiate!
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Tri, Tri, Tri angle!

Unit 8: Know Those Shapes!
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Objective: SWBAT identify and describe a triangle by stating a triangle's attributes.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners love to identify shapes in their environment. In order effectively do that, they must be able to recognize different shapes by their specific attributes. In this lesson kindergartners learn about different types of triangles.

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