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Differentiation is important both for students who are in need of extension activities to push their thinking further and for students who need a great deal of help. Some students were able to take right off in this lesson, while others seemed to, just a handful, look for that support initially. However, a sense of competition passed amongst the students, which pushed the class as a whole to see how far they could get without the hint card. Even when hint cards were provided, they helped those lower level students move forward, but without homogenous grouping, students are less concerned with depending on themselves because they have more advanced students who can carry the workload. Grouping homogeneously is something I would say has to happen for this lesson to be most effective in this particular area.

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Stacking Cups: Systems of Equations Real World Application

Unit 6: Systems of Linear Equations
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of systems of equations to model a real world scenario.

Big Idea: Students use data to create equations describing a concrete scenario. Students analyze the equations as a system to solve a problem.

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