Reflection: Data Analysis Solving Linear Systems of Equations with Substitution (Day 2 of 3) - Section 2: Guided Notes + Practice


This lesson revealed a common behavior amongst most of my students. When they solve for a variable, I noticed they all just wanted to solve for y, out of habit. Even if y were the more difficult variable to solve for, they would still solve just for y. Another observation if the retention of the flip style from the previous unit. Students still defaulted to that style during this lesson. Mathematically this is okay, but it is still important to stress to students that you can solve for any variable.

  Isolating Variables
  Data Analysis: Isolating Variables
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Solving Linear Systems of Equations with Substitution (Day 2 of 3)

Unit 6: Systems of Linear Equations
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT solve systems of equations using substitution by solving one equation for a specific variable.

Big Idea: Students will use inverse operations to solve one equation in a system in order to use linear substitution.

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