Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Graphing Linear Functions in Standard Form (Day 2 of 2) - Section 2: Guided Notes + Practice


This lesson had high levels of student mastery, students could do this fluently. A key takeaway I shared with students was when we solve for y, isolate the variable. When solving the equation, write the “mx”  term first, then the constant term. All year, even with literal equations and systems of equations later on in the year, students would always put the “mx” pair together.

  "MX + B" vs "B + MX"
  Adjustments to Practice: "MX + B" vs "B + MX"
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Graphing Linear Functions in Standard Form (Day 2 of 2)

Unit 5: Graphing Linear Functions
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT graph linear functions in standard form by solving the equation of the line for its y-coordinate.

Big Idea: Students will use their knowledge of literal equations to rearrange a line in standard form into a familiar format.

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