Reflection: Real World Applications Solving Multi Step Equations: Bringing It All Together (Day 4 of 4) - Section 2: Guided Notes + Practice


This lesson highlighted the importance in balancing engaging scenarios and ensuring engagement of all students. The students loved the slides, but this part of the lesson was slow moving for my advanced students.They were able to quickly see the real world connection, process, compute and move on.  I let these students begin some of the whole group questions on the back as we worked to keep the pacing appropriate for all learners in the class. Though the process shifted, the end result was the same with all students seeing how algebraic equations are represented in the real world and what situations would result in one, or no solution responses.

  Real World Connections
  Real World Applications: Real World Connections
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Solving Multi Step Equations: Bringing It All Together (Day 4 of 4)

Unit 4: Linear Equations
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT solve problems based in real world scenarios using multi-step equations.

Big Idea: Students will understand that a linear equation can be created in order to find an unknown value in a real world situation.

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