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I liked having the students go back to look at their predictions and circling yes or no after looking at the data that we collected.

So many times when students are young, they think that if they circle no or a prediction is not correct, they are wrong.

Using science to teach students that a prediction is something that we can test and prove right or wrong is a skill that all students should learn. It teaches them to be confident in their own thoughts and to be able to support their ideas and predictions with evidence.

Any time we can teach kids to make a prediction and support it with evidence we are teaching them to think critically and become problem solvers!


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Energy and Momentum

Unit 8: Force and Motion
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students learn that energy and momentum make objects or people move faster or slower by testing the speed of marbles on ramps.

Big Idea: Students learn that objects need more energy to move faster.

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