Reflection: Relevance Addition and Subtraction One Step Equations - Section 2: Notes/Guided Practice


After teaching students to solve equations for a couple of school years, I saw a common error frequently repeated. The following year I began having students draw a line through the equal sign before beginning to solve any equation. This strategy helps circumvent this common error and it helps to better illustrate the two sides of an equation. I require students to do this for a couple of months until they are fluently solving helps reinforce the attention to detail needed. My persistence with this step stops students from making that error. It has become second nature with students utilizing this strategy automatically and with success. Some students continue to set up their equation this way into other grades.

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Addition and Subtraction One Step Equations

Unit 4: Linear Equations
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT solve one step equations using addition and subtraction

Big Idea: Students will formalize their understanding of the algebraic properties of equality by solving equations using addition and subtraction.

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