Reflection: Station Rotation Motion - Section 2: Independent Work Time (Centers)


Having different centers for students to rotate through is a great way to get in many learning opportunities for one topic.

During these rotations, the students were engaged and enjoying the activities. Often, I had students who didn't want to rotate to the next center. They were having that much fun!

Since they enjoyed the centers that much, I decided that rather than putting all of the materials away at the end of the lesson, that I would leave them out so that when we had some free choice time, the students could use that time to explore those materials more. This allows students to practice planning and carrying out their own investigations about force and motion. 

I ended up leaving them out for a week! The students loved the centers and I loved seeing them engaged in science investigations!

  Motion Centers
  Station Rotation: Motion Centers
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Unit 8: Force and Motion
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students will observe motion with different objects by participating in a series of investigations.

Big Idea: Students cause a commotion around the classroom learning about motion in centers!

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