Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Geometric and Arithmetic Sequences - Section 4: Partner Practice


The Partner Activity portion of this lesson was differentiated to address the varying levels of mastery represented in my class. While Activity A and Activity B are at different levels, the differentiation went upwards as opposed to lowering the challenge. Activity A was planned at an instructional level that could be completed by the whole group, whereas Activity B was designed for my higher level students to give them a reasonable challenge with little teacher prep. The investment from students came in with the presentation of student choice. This also lends well for targeted instruction such as pulling a small group to do remedial work on integers with- since sequences are not a major cluster standard.

  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation
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Geometric and Arithmetic Sequences

Unit 3: Numeracy
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create an explicit formula for a sequence of numbers.

Big Idea: Students will model arithmetic and geometric sequences by identify a common difference or ratio.

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Math, Algebra, Integers, division, multiplication, geometric patterns, evaluating algebraic expressions
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