Reflection: Student Feedback Using Numbers to Predict the Future - Section 2: Group Activity: Weighted Averages


This lesson is one of my favorites. Students appreciate this lesson because they always have questions about it, they begin making real world connections to their grades and attempt to predict their final grades given varying assignment and quiz outcomes. This takes more than one lesson to solidify I often have to remind students throughout the year when discussing grades. The best visual representation that helps explain this concepts are pie chart examples. This reiterates the value of the weights and help students grapple with calculations.

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Using Numbers to Predict the Future

Unit 3: Numeracy
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Objective: SWBAT use patterns and the measures of tendency to make numerical predictions.

Big Idea: Students will calculate weighted averages. Students will use the properties of "9" to predict the value of a mystery number.

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Math, Algebra, Integers, division, multiplication, geometric patterns, evaluating algebraic expressions
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