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Managing feedback to students engaged with an evaluative problem set is vital. Without a structured feedback system, students can languish and give up on work. One idea for structuring feedback to a large group of student with different needs is to use a modified "Station Rotation" model. Essentially, classes are split into six different groups. Each group works at one of the problems in this problem set and rotates to a next problem at timed intervals of five minutes. (Goups will not get to each question.) While this is happening, I operate a separate help station that student groups can visit for assistance with problems. Students can only visit this station after they have asked all group members for help and the whole group must visit. Additionally, students that believe they have a high level of proficiency can visit the help station for "expert certification." These students agree to assist other students with problems in the even that multiple groups want help at the same time. While this is not a perfect solution, I have found that generally no more than one student group want help at any time, and the clear feedback structure reduces students' impulse to immediately call out for help without first honestly attempting to solve a problem.

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Cemetery secrets (2 of 2)

Unit 4: Populations
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Objective: Students will be able to 1) produce and analyze graphs using survivorship and mortality data; 2) make inferences about past and present human populations based on survivorship curves; and 3) describe the impact of advances in medicine and technology on human demography.

Big Idea: Cemeteries are rich sources of human population data? How might we analyze cemetery data to better understand trends in human survivorship and mortality over time?

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Science, demography, human populations, survivorship curve
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