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The Common Core places increased emphasis on student understanding of function behavior, especially when it relates to interpreting graphs, tables, and symbolic representations. There are five separate high school standards that directly address interpreting the behavior of polynomial functions (HSA.APR.B.3, HSA.SSE.B.3, HSF.IF.B4, HSF.IF.C.7, HSF.IF.C.8). Can the students recognize roots, intercepts, and end behaviors on a graph? Can they determine those same values from a factored polynomial function? Can they manipulate a polynomial in standard form so that it is factored?

This Polynomial Graph Matching Activity is an entry point for this important content. Ten polynomial functions are presented in their factored form and compared to graphs in a one-to-one relationship. This allows students to apply what they know about end behavior, and then make and test predictions about intercepts. From this foundation they can begin to generalize their understanding and hopefully see the benefit of manipulating polynomial expressions from their standard form to a factored form.

  Supporting Standards with Polynomials
  Standards Alignment: Supporting Standards with Polynomials
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Graphing Polynomials - Roots and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Unit 4: Polynomial Theorems and Graphs
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Objective: SWBAT Produce a sketch of the graph of a higher order polynomial function using what they have learned about end-behavior, extreme values and roots of polynomial functions.

Big Idea: A good sketch of a polynomial function can be produced by considering the end-behavior, roots and y-intercept of a polynomial function.

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