Reflection: Joy Graphing Polynomials - End Behavior - Section 3: Stand Up and Practice End Behavior


The Polynomial End Behavior Stretch Break is a great example of the benefits of inserting a bit of silliness into the classroom. As the students wave their arms around, trying to show function end behavior, our graphical content is reinforced by triggering their kinesthetic memory. Additionally, the participatory and playful nature of this activity provides students with immediate feedback from both teacher and peers in a nonthreatening environment. Even if they have not yet internalized the graphical patterns, they quickly learn from the movements of others that end behavior depends on information about the leading coefficient and degree… information that can be observed at a glance, despite other complex factors.

  Polynomial Hokey Pokey
  Joy: Polynomial Hokey Pokey
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Graphing Polynomials - End Behavior

Unit 4: Polynomial Theorems and Graphs
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: SWBAT determine the end behavior of a polynomial function by examining it's algebraic structure.

Big Idea: A good sketch of a polynomial function can be produced by considering the end-behavior, roots and y-intercept of a polynomial function.

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