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I admit, in the past I found it difficult to fit an exit ticket into my instruction before the bell rand for dismissal.  However, it wasn't until I really understood the purpose of the exit ticket as a formative assessment, that I revamped my instruction to ensure that students are afforded a daily opportunity to consider what they learned and what they still may not know before leaving class.

The exit ticket should not be the same activity each day, but should represent various, creative ways to learn what students know and do not know.  3-2-1 is one of many ways to formatively assess students before they leave.  Sometimes the exit ticket is sharing one thing that you learned today.  Other days, I might require students to complete a post-it and place it on a chart pad.  I also like exit tickets that allow students to use technology.  Padlet is a great way for students to write a comment about a subject that is displayed real time for the class to view of the projector.

Knowing the value of the exit ticket, I now do a better job of watching the time so that dismissal doesn't occur before I have a chance to listen and learn from my students.  What I might hear, see or learn from them allows me to better prepare for the next day.

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Chromosomes tell a Story

Unit 2: Unit 3- Growth and Heredity
Lesson 1 of 16

Objective: Students will learn the basic function of chromosomes and understand how they are read to tell a story about us.

Big Idea: Chromosomes are chock full of information.

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Science, Genetics, Chromosomes, centramere, karyotype, trisomy, monosomy
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