Reflection: Real World Applications DNA, part 4- Virtual DNA Extraction Lab - Section 2: Introduce New Material


DNA extraction is not a topic that would interest many of my students, if I could not create a sense of its real-world application. Because many of my students do not read the paper or watch the news, they are surprised to learn about the numbers of individuals who are later found innocent of crimes after spending years in prison.

The reading allows students to consider how they might respond if they or a family member were wrongly jailed for a crime that they did not commit.  By beginning with the reading, students are imediately "hooked" into learning more about the topic of the uses of DNA extraction.

This lesson allows students to experience the value of DNA by examining how it has been used over the last 20+ years to help exonerate individuals wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit.  This type of real-world application of a scientific concept hopefully encourages students to pursue DNA as a field of study in college, or at a minimum, continue a study of the science outside of class.


  Real World Application
  Real World Applications: Real World Application
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DNA, part 4- Virtual DNA Extraction Lab

Unit 2: Unit 3- Growth and Heredity
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: Students will learn the significance of real-world applications of DNA extraction and how to perform a virtual DNA extraction.

Big Idea: A swab of one's cheek can be very telling.

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