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Thanks to the success of social media, there continues to be an explosion of online reflections and resources that are authored by math teachers around the globe. For almost any content strand or standard, there will surely be a dozen teachers who have posted their resources and thoughtful reflections. Unfortunately, these dozen good ideas (or reflections on bad ideas) can easily get lost in the thousands of results that will appear on your search engine. Often, the most ‘popular’ (aka highest funded) results are not the most helpful, especially when it comes to your unique perspective as a classroom teacher.

The MTBoS (Math Twitter Blogosphere) is a online organization of math teaching blogs and other media interaction. Their Google Custom search engine will show results from math teacher blogs in a priority before other results. Typing “complex numbers” into the MTBoS engine and also your traditional search engine will demonstrate just how different your results can be!

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Arithmetic with Complex Numbers

Unit 4: Polynomial Theorems and Graphs
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT perform arithmetic with imaginary numbers and understand that imaginary numbers are useful for representing two dimensional quantities like vectors.

Big Idea: Imaginary numbers are used to represent quantities that have two parts; working with these numbers is similar to working with polynomial expressions.

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