Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Review Workshop: Polynomial Functions and Expressions - Section 1: Warm-Up and Priority-Setting


At the end of each unit, I ask students to evaluate their understanding of the major work of the unit. The checklists that I provide to my students clearly articulate the performance indicators, invite students assess their own understanding, and suggest resources for further study. My goal is for students to provide feedback to themselves based on well-understood standards and criteria, and determine the next steps or plans to improve their performance.

When I first wrote these lessons, it was my practice to distribute these checklists a few days before the unit exam so that students could use them to guide their preparation for the exam.  However, these checklists have been very popular with my students, and they have asked if they could have them earlier in the unit.  I now put together a packet that includes a majority of the classwork and homework handouts for the unit and include the checklist as the cover page.  I see my students checking things off the list and highlighting items throughout the unit. I see now that providing the list on the first day promotes self evaluation throughout the unit, which is preferable to starting that process a few days before the exam.  

  Helping Students Self-Assess
  Student Self-Assessment: Helping Students Self-Assess
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Review Workshop: Polynomial Functions and Expressions

Unit 3: Polynomial Functions and Expressions
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: SWBAT begin pulling together everything they have learned so far about polynomial functions and expressions in preparation for tomorrow's unit test.

Big Idea: Tomorrow is the unit test on polynomial functions and expressions. In this lesson, we do more practice with word problems, solving equations, graphing parabolas, and rewriting quadratic functions.

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quadratic functions, Math, completing the square, standard form of a quadratic, intercept form of a quadratic, vertex form of a quadratic, Quadratic Formula, Algebra 2, factoring polynomials
  90 minutes
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