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The Master Teacher Project and is a website that is free and invaluable to teachers and student achievement.  Collaborating with teachers across states has been amazing.  I have gained so much knowledge to share with other teachers, and my students.  

Different strategies, methods, and ways of each school has been great to observe.  I will continue to interact with teachers on this website because I think online learning communities is one of the major ways we can improve Professional Development.  It is on the teachers own time with things they are having to do anyway.

I definitely would like to see more lessons on AP Statistics, and I think that it is an area that many math teachers need extra Professional Development.

  PD is needed for teachers in Statistics
  Learning Communities: PD is needed for teachers in Statistics
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Organizing and Calculating Data with Matrices

Unit 9: Statistics
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT organize Data into Matrices to Solve Problems Involving Addition, Subtraction, and Scalar Multiplication.

Big Idea: To understand the vocabulary of Matrices including rows, columns, and addresses to set up a Real World Problem. As well as perform Multi-step Operations to that problem.

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Statistics, Math, Real world problems, Matrices, Adding Matrices, Subtracting Matrices, Scalar Multiplication, Find the percent of
  50 minutes
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