Reflection: Joy Applications of Exponential Functions and Hot Cocoa! - Section 1: Warm Up


All students want to drink Cocoa, and that is a hook in this lesson.

Most of the students are wrong in their assumptions about this lesson, but the are motivated to figure out what is happening with this function.

I have really enjoyed teaching with the new approaches of Common Core, and letting the students take more ownership.  

By providing students with more problem base learning, we are creating critical thinking employees for beyond high school.  Students are thinking, verbalizing, and speaking more than ever about math, and we are going to keep on going!

  All students like to drink Cocoa!
  Joy: All students like to drink Cocoa!
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Applications of Exponential Functions and Hot Cocoa!

Unit 6: Exponential Functions
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT predict the graph of a hot cup of cooling cocoa and then collect and compare the actual data to graph the function.

Big Idea: The purpose of this lesson is to model an exponential function using temperature and how to apply Newton's Law of Cooling.

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Math, Exponents and Exponential Functions, Algebra, experiment, Warm UP, Newton's Law of Cooling, guided notes, Exit Ticket, change in temperature, master teacher project, Applications of Exponential Functions, compounded continuosly, PowerPoint on Exponential Functions
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