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Students should already be able to recognize the key characteristics of a linear function. Exponential functions are not as familiar to students, but they have seen them before.  Exponential Functions have been introduced some in 8th grade, and seen in Science as well.  

Students start getting excited when they see money grow so rapidly.  I think few adults or students realize the Power of an Exponential Function, and how quickly money can grow.

When comparing linear to exponential, students should recognize that time is an issue, but the rate of change of an exponential function is amazing. 

  Great Lesson for Comparison and Common Core!
  Problem-based Approaches: Great Lesson for Comparison and Common Core!
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Comparing Investments

Unit 6: Exponential Functions
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT compare simple interest I=prt to compound interest A=P(1 +r/n)^nt, and graph each as a linear function or an exponential function.

Big Idea: To guide students in practice to develop meaning for each variable in either formula in order to make correct substitutions and evaluations.

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comparing investments
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