Reflection: Vertical Alignment Algebraic Properties and Literal Equations - Section 1: Warm Up


It is so important for students to understand that variables represent unknown numbers, and can be manipulated using the same Algebraic Properties to solve equations with one unknown.  Knowing the reasoning behind the manipulations of equations is vital for complete understanding.

Some students may not get to this level of understanding until after they leave high school, and some will never get to that level of understanding.  It is important as teachers, that we model real world equations, and how to apply these properties to literal equations.

Literal equations do bring relevance into the classroom.  When students see scientist and engineers having to manipulate equations to solve for a certain variable, it makes it applicable for them.  Verbalizing what properties that we are using as we work through these problems will make the properties second nature.  That way students do not see solving equations and the Algebraic Properties as two different unlinked concepts.  Instead, they see the reasoning behind the Math.

  Importance of students understanding the Algebraic Properties
  Vertical Alignment: Importance of students understanding the Algebraic Properties
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Algebraic Properties and Literal Equations

Unit 2: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT solve literal equations by applying Algebraic Properties to geometric formulas.

Big Idea: Students understand that the variables in an equation represent real numbers, therefore Real Number Properties apply.

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