Reflection: Student Ownership Compare Two Data Sets Using Box and Whisker Plots - Section 2: Compare Two Data Sets


Sometimes it is difficult for students to get started on what we have assigned them.  Be ready to provide some examples for them to select their own two data sets to compare.  There are some ideas listed in this Project.

You also can have students search images in google of comparing two businesses or data sets. Helping students brainstorm and research ideas helps them increase student ownership for the problem or project. 

The teacher is there to facilitate, question, and push students forward to come up with an idea for the two data sets.  However, the selection should be between the members of the group that are going to compare the data.

  Some ideas on helping students select data sets
  Student Ownership: Some ideas on helping students select data sets
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Compare Two Data Sets Using Box and Whisker Plots

Unit 9: Statistics
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compare, analyze, and make inferences about two sets of data using a Box and Whisker Plot.

Big Idea: To Delve Deeper Into Statistics! Beyond Mean, Median, Mode, and Range by Self-assessing and critiquing their own work and their partner(s).

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