Reflection: Homework Angles Inscribed in Circles - Section 2: Inscribed Angle Measures


I had considered creating an entire lesson on proving the properties of quadrilaterals inscribed in circles and triangles inscribed in semi-circles. I opted not to do this, though, because I felt it robbed students of an opportunity to apply what they had learned in this lesson.

Essentially, those two lessons would have only required students to apply the fact that the measure of an inscribed angle is half the measure of the intercepted arc. So instead of creating those lessons, I chose to give students a homework assignment instead that required them to prove these relationships themselves. 

So rather than this being a standards checklist item, it ended up being a formative assessment for the inscribed angle theorem and students' ability to prove relationships in new contexts.


  Homework for the Inscribed Angle Theorem
  Homework: Homework for the Inscribed Angle Theorem
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Angles Inscribed in Circles

Unit 8: Circles
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT Prove the relationship between the measure of an angle inscribed in a circle and the measure of its intercepted arc.

Big Idea: Inscribed angles prove not to be half bad...and students prove that they are half the measure of their intercepted arcs.

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