Reflection: Modeling Deriving Formulas for Sector Area and Arc Length - Section 3: Complex Problem Task


I had assigned the complex problem task as a homework problem as this was one of the recommended assignments from the textbook authors. This is my first time using this particular text so I was not familiar with the problem. So when I sat down at home to do the problem, I felt as if I was having the same experience as the students have. I had to make sense of the problem, draw pictures, and get started with a plan. As I went through this process, I tried to be keenly aware of what misconceptions students might have. I was also very aware of my own thought process in solving the problem, so I tried my best to document my thinking so that I could relate it to students. When it was finally time for me to present the solution to the class, they really appreciated the careful way in which I had represented the problem and laid out its solution. I hope that the take-home message was that when we organize all of our information nicely, solutions that weren't apparent start to emerge.

  The Power of a Well-Represented Problem
  Modeling: The Power of a Well-Represented Problem
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Deriving Formulas for Sector Area and Arc Length

Unit 12: Unit Circle Trigonmetry
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT derive the formulas for the area of a sector and the length of an arc and explain why they make sense.

Big Idea: We're PROs at PORTIONS of circles.

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Math, Geometry, circles
  75 minutes
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