Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Interior and Exterior Angles of Circles - Section 3: Prove the Circle Exterior Angle Theorem


The decision have students work with a partner and the mandate that the two partners had to choose different auxiliary lines was an on the fly decision that worked out well so I kept it. It did two things: 1) It forced students to consider the possibilities for an auxiliary line and 2) It created a situation where the students could learn from each others work without the temptation of copying each other's work. It was interesting to see how the students in each pair tended to work in parallel, each focusing on getting his/her problem done, but they were also there for each other when one or the other needed to check in to get help or clarification.

  A little twist that paid off
  Diverse Entry Points: A little twist that paid off
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Interior and Exterior Angles of Circles

Unit 8: Circles
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT prove relationships between the interior and exterior angles measures of circles and the measures of their intercepted arcs.

Big Idea: What a difference a segment can make. In this lesson, students see how choosing an auxiliary segment can really set things in motion.

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Math, Geometry, circles
  70 minutes
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