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              Narrowing a topic for student research plan development can be a painstaking process without the proper tools or strategies to flesh out students "gobs" of creative thoughts. To establish a goal in a research project is to become an expert in a particular topic. If a student's topic is too broad, finding and interpreting information about the topic is comparable to preparing to write an entire book!  Providing students with tools such as the research topic triangle can eliminate any level of angst brought about from the process.  It provides a clear focus for to jump start their research  and creates a visual process for narrowing and concentrating their thoughts. This is particularly effective when students are allowed to do one of the following: 1) Present their thinking verbally and visually to another student or 2) Develop their thoughts using the triangle with their partners. Both processes allow for students to share their thoughts and gather feedback that might allow for their questions to become more refined. 

  Using Research Triangles!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Using Research Triangles!
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Student Research Plan Development!

Unit 11: The Brain and Toxins (Drugs and Environmental)
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will craft a well-rounded research question and structured research plan.

Big Idea: Research plan development requires the careful construction of a researchable question and supporting procedures with well defined variables.

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