Reflection: Relevance Water Pollution Detectives- In Search of BPA, a Brain Damaging Agent! - Section 1: Introduction


         Some lessons lend themselves to easy construction and some not so much. The development of this lesson was a difficult task for me since the focal/explore activity selected to demonstrate the flow and assessment of pollutants in water is void of the agent of focus: BPA! This created a challenge for me to keep this chemical visible and significant to students since it wasn't readily visible in this activity itself. To enhance its presence, I re-purposed the Pollution Investigation activity to serve as a model or gold standard for conserved water quality processes. After execution, the experiences therein were applied to the tracking of BPA's in our water supply. All other activities built around this lab reconnected back to BPA's presence in our water supply and its ultimate potential to serve as a neurological threat. In all, with a little mental stretching and activity pulling, I was able to attach meaning to a lab that I love which doesn't necessarily match my lesson's focal point. 

  Keeping BPA Relevant in the Lesson!
  Relevance: Keeping BPA Relevant in the Lesson!
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Water Pollution Detectives- In Search of BPA, a Brain Damaging Agent!

Unit 11: The Brain and Toxins (Drugs and Environmental)
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Objective: Students will analyze water pollution models to predict the movement of the brain antagonist BPA. .

Big Idea: By analyzing how other carbon based, synthetic compounds travel through water treatment systems, we can predict how BPA, a brain antagonist enters and impacts the human brain.

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