Reflection: Performance Tasks First Academic Discussion of the School Year - Section 5: Students Reflect on Discussion


Students showed great interest in the document I used to track their responses. They were giving each other high fives for getting stars next to their names. This was the first time I track their responses in this manner and I really like the power it has. I plan on making this an essential part of all large group discussions and I need to figure out how to produce something similar for small group discussions.

Their participation, as a group, is still not where I want it to be, but it was only the first of many discussions. The reflection was extremely helpful in planning for a better discussion next time. Specifically, what they wrote for the last point, what they can commit to doing next time, was very significant. They stated very specific things they are committing to, such as being the first to speak, or making sure they speak at least once. I was not sure what they were going to respond. I was afraid that I was going to get generic responses, but I was very happy to read about the commitments they were making. I plan on talking about these before the next discussion as an added form of accountability.

  Sharing the Word Document I Used To Track Participation Was Powerful
  Performance Tasks: Sharing the Word Document I Used To Track Participation Was Powerful
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First Academic Discussion of the School Year

Unit 12: Introduction to Routines, Skills and Techniques
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT gain initial experience participating in an academic discussion by holding a large group discussion where they present their ideas and respond to classmates' ideas.

Big Idea: Explicit support and methods of accountability are necessary for a successful class discussion.

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English / Language Arts, paragraph (Composition Basics), revision (Writing Process), discussions, social criticism, questioning technique
  50 minutes
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