Reflection: Advanced Students Outliers and their Effect on the Central Tendencies - Section 2: Guided Notes


It is difficult for some students to see the deviations in the pattern of data.  Having advanced students explain what they are seeing when looking at a set of data is helpful to students that are struggling.  Even making a video about the distribution.

Of course the 1.5 X IQR rule is a must for students to know, sometimes it is just using common sense when describing a set of data.  If students do not have this skill, having it modeled by their peers provides them more examples and makes them more confident when it is their turn to describe the set of data.

  Students recognizing patterns in data and deviations from patterns
  Advanced Students: Students recognizing patterns in data and deviations from patterns
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Outliers and their Effect on the Central Tendencies

Unit 9: Statistics
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and verify outliers in a set of data and describe its effects on the Central Tendencies.

Big Idea: To identify outliers by a deviation in the pattern of a data set, or with the 1.5 rule.

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