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As an AP Stat teacher, I feel it is so important the way Statistics is introduced in Algebra One. Always requiring the students to explain the descriptive statistics in context of the problem. Students need as many examples as possible modeled for them.  We as teachers can not expect them to provide reasoning and context as we work with the Math Practices as well, if we do not model it ourselves.  It is more time consuming when presenting, but I feel it is essential for students to be more confident when working with Statistics.

Even when students get to AP Statistics, they are unsure in their decisions and reasoning.  I continue to model problems continuously so they are not intimidated by a given distribution.

  The Importance of Introducing Statistics in Algebra I
  Vertical Alignment: The Importance of Introducing Statistics in Algebra I
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Introduction to Statistics

Unit 9: Statistics
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT Find the Central Tendencies, and Range of a Set of Data.

Big Idea: To decide the best representation of the Center of the Data.

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Statistics, Math, mode, range, median, mean, open ended questions, Best representation of Center, outlier
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central tendencies
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