Reflection: Advanced Students Cause and Effect with "A Bad Case of Stripes" Day One - Section 1: Teacher Notes and Materials


     After teaching this lesson, I analyzed my student work.  I know I had already had the sentence stems written for my students for the sentence writing part.  I know that this is how I can still differentiate for my struggling students.  This will help them in their sentence writing because they need that support.  However, I realized that I was offering too much support for my advanced students by offering this stem for them.  I am always encouraging my students to speak and write in complete sentences.  If I don't make my advanced students write the whole sentence, I am not allowing them the opportunity to respond to questions and write the response in a full sentence.  So, I went back and made plain lined paper for the packets for my advanced students.  Next time I teach this lesson I will make two types of packets.  I will have the sentences with the stems for my struggling students and packets with plain paper for my advanced students.

  Differentiating Your Student Packets
  Advanced Students: Differentiating Your Student Packets
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Cause and Effect with "A Bad Case of Stripes" Day One

Unit 1: Reading Comprehension
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write about the cause and effect with the story "A Bad Case of Stripes"

Big Idea: Students will really be writing to sources with this lesson. They will write about cause and effects in a multi-flow map and then write sentences to explain the cause and effect relationships in this story.

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