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When I think that it will benefit students to not have to draw out all of the visuals of some vocabulary in their notes, I provide a Graphic Organizer.  Students can place this Graphic Organizer in their notes to remember the number of real or imaginary solutions of a Quadratic Function.  I try to refer back to the Graphic Organizer whenever possible.  It doesn't do any good for students to take notes and never view them again.

Being aware of the number and type of solutions of a Quadratic Function provides a quick check for students.  When students actually apply the Quadratic Formula to solve the Quadratic Function, students can recognize if their solutions are the right type and number.

  Improving Student achievement with a Graphic Organizer
  Intervention and Extension: Improving Student achievement with a Graphic Organizer
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The Quadratic Formula in Bits and Pieces

Unit 8: Quadratic Functions
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT solve the parts of the Quadratic Formula including the discriminant, and understand the Order of Operations when simplifying the Quadratic Formula.

Big Idea: To provide the Quadratic Formula in small parts to make the students more successful at solving Quadratic Equations using the Quadratic Formula.

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roots (Algebra), Math, quadratic formula, Quadratic Equations, x-intercepts, discriminant, simplifying radicals, type of solutions, number of solutions, solution, exact form
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