Reflection: Vertical Alignment Graphing Quadratic Functions in Intercept Form f(x)= a(x-p)(x-q) - Section 1: Warm Up


I believe a large part of students not being able to factor Quadratic Functions is from the student not knowing their multiplication tables.  Calculators are available for most of the work that we do with factoring Quadratics, but it slows the student down on the efficiency of the problem.  

Providing students with several different ways to factor is imperative because every student learns differently.  The Box method may be more beneficial to students that learn from a visual method. 

Encouraging students to substitute the zeros back into the factors to check that they are solutions is also helpful so that students do not make unnecessary sign errors.  

A common mistake for students is to substitute a different zero in for each zero when checking their work.  This will make the solution seem incorrect even if it is correct.  Students need to realize that if a Quadratic Function has two different solutions, then the it will require the student to complete two different problems to check.

  Difficulties with Factoring a Quadratic Function
  Vertical Alignment: Difficulties with Factoring a Quadratic Function
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Graphing Quadratic Functions in Intercept Form f(x)= a(x-p)(x-q)

Unit 8: Quadratic Functions
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT graph Quadratic Functions in Intercept Form by identifying the x-intercepts and the Vertex.

Big Idea: To explain the relationship between solutions and factors, and to write possible equations in Intercept Form from a graph.

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Quadratic Equations, Math, Intercept Form, Graphing Quadratic Functions, factored form, Solving for the zeros, Finding a
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