Reflection: Coaching and Mentoring Magnet Tricks - Section 3: Closing


During this lesson, I had several students from the university in my classroom watching me teach science.

Had I known that they were coming ahead of time, I probably would not have planned and taught this lesson while they were there.

This was meant to be a fun, wrap-up of magnets and while the students were incredibly engaged during it, there was not a lot of teaching of new concepts and there was not a lot of inquiry during this day.

When I am mentoring, I feel that those folks get so much more from you when you are teaching and showing them strategies that can be used in their own classrooms. 

While I think the fun stuff for our students is important as well, I might have thrown something into this lesson that gets them thinking and their ideas recorded somehow. Next time I teach this lesson I am going to add a piece where they write in their science journals.

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Magnet Tricks

Unit 6: Magnets
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: Students have some fun with magnets watching a series of demonstrations on the different things that magnets can do.

Big Idea: Magnets are sometimes a mystery and can stimulate the curiosity of a Kindergartner instantaneously!

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