Reflection: Advanced Students Magnetic or Not - Section 2: Independent Work Time


During this activity, I noticed that I had a couple of students finish extremely quick. So, when speaking with each of them, I ended up having to ask them how they sorted their materials and asked them to start over and show me.

It turns out that instead of trying each individual item in the bag with the magnet wand, they chose to just put the magnet wand inside of the the baggie and swirl it around. Then, as they pulled it out, they knew that everything that was stuck to the wand was magnetic and everything that was still in the bag was not.

I thought this was pretty smart thinking. However, it turns out that because there were a lot of items in the bag, that the wand was not able to pick everything up that was magnetic. So in the end, there were items that were magnetic that ended up on their non-magnetic side of the sorting mat.

It was a great discussion among myself and those few students. It opened the conversation up to those students who think they can skirt the work at times.

I would recommend that you keep your eye on this in this lesson. I never imagined I would have students that would think to do that.

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Magnetic or Not

Unit 6: Magnets
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students observe the properties of magnetic items and non-magnetic items by sorting them into two groups.

Big Idea: Students explore the properties of materials!

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