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Students use a variety of resources to capture notes and make meaning of FLIPPED assignments. FLIPPED assignments are generally short videos (5-20 minutes) that preview or review material for class. Students need to complete these FLIPPED assignment before class. One obstacle that many students face is the lack of an organizational framework for work. Do students use paper? Do students use an online document? are one of the technology services used this year that students found to be highly helpful, especially for longer, more complex videos. This service allows students to take notes that are automatically synchronized to time stamps in the video; this helps immensely when student need to "rewind" material that they want to review. These notes are also automatically integrated with Google drive, which is very helpful for educators that use the Google ecosystem for classes.

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Population ecology

Unit 4: Populations
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Objective: Students will be able to: 1) Define the factors that regulate the size of a population; 2) use appropriate terms to describe examples of population ecology case studies; and 3) develop an original example of population ecology key terms.

Big Idea: Population ecologists study the factors that regulate population abundance and distribution. How might we develop a working knowledge of the central ideas of population ecology in order to assess the characteristics of a population?

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population ecology
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