Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Population Explosion (Yeast Lab) (Day #2 of 3) - Section 2: Anticipatory Set ("Hook")


As a general practice, I want students to be accountable for their learning. This can be simple and quick or more elaborate. In this 30 second Yeast Lab Interview the student was able to confidently and clearly articulate the gist of this lab, including the question, hypothesis, underlying basis for the prediction, and what will be measured. Clearly this student has owned his job and is rarin' ready to get started!

His responses were not surprising to me given that this habit is an ingrained routine prior to starting the lab. It is at this check point that I can identify and, if need be, address any misconception(s) or gaps in understanding.

  Positive Reinforcement: In his words...
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Population Explosion (Yeast Lab) (Day #2 of 3)

Unit 7: 7) Ecology ("Population Interactions")
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: Students will plan and conduct a laboratory investigation that tests the effect of an abiotic or biotic factor on the size of a population of yeast cells.

Big Idea: Populations are able to produce populations of infinite size, but the environment (and its resources) is finite.

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Science, Populations and Ecosystems, Ecology, cause and effect, asking questions, investigation, Math & Computational Thinking
  55 minutes
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