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Students need to reflect on their mistakes after an assessment. How often do our students receive a grade that they are either happy or unhappy with, and stop to question, how can I push myself farther? Even students with perfect scores can benefit from question analysis after taking a test. I’ve been trying to influence these habits using different strategies across my years, and I find the simpler the better. The test correction sheet attached is a simpler version of what I originally posted. I like it because of its applicability to other assessments and work. I can ask students to use this form for any mistake, including those made during a lesson. With more time in each of my lessons this year, I also use the form in an error analysis lesson conducted after they take their quiz. 

The challenge each year is finding ways to multiply myself for small group review and error analysis, while also finding the time to grade the corrections. This year, I used the simpler form during a “test corrections” mini-lesson. Students were put into groups of 6 with students this ratio (or as close to it as possible): 1/3 of the group scored 90% or above, 1/3 scored between 70-90%, and the other 1/3 of the group scored below 70%. The third scoring above 90% were responsible for helping students fill out and complete their test correction sheet. At the end of class, I asked the students scoring 90% and above to meet me for lunch. During lunch I showed them how I wanted them to score the revisions completed by students. Students were generally happy to help and were able to learn from their peers errors as they reviewed their work. It is important to note here, that the culture of the classroom needs to be safe and trustworthy for this to work. Otherwise, students will not buy into completing their corrections. 

  Student Grouping: Engaging Students in Test Corrections
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Quiz + Test Corrections

Unit 8: Test Prep
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Quiz + SWBAT use test taking strategies and notes to make corrections.

Big Idea: Students take a quiz and then review test taking strategies to make corrections and get ready for the state test

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