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I want my students to experience Geometry as a mathematics in which today's proven is tomorrow's reason. Each day that we prove something or learn something, we are adding to our repertoire, thus increasing our power to add even more to our repertoire. Students got that experience in this lesson. They saw how all of the learning we did with similar triangles basically drove this lesson. Students always want to know when they are going to use what they're learning. While this may not be a real-life application, I think students feel vindicated if their learning in the earlier stages of the course helps them to be more successful later in the course.

A second benefit of all this is that this lesson ended up being a re-test opportunity for students who had struggled during the similarity unit. They had another chance to show that they had gotten the idea of similar triangles.

  Connecting to Similar Triangles
  Vertical Alignment: Connecting to Similar Triangles
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Segment Relationships in Circles

Unit 8: Circles
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT prove relationships between chord segments, secant segments, and tangent segments in circles.

Big Idea: If students want to know when they'll ever use similar triangles in life, tell them to look no further than this lesson.

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Math, Geometry, circles
  60 minutes
secants from a point
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