Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Doppler Effect Equation - Section 3: Doppler Formula Practice Problems


Ever since the introduction of the kinematic equations, I have required students to do "VFW" which stands for 

  • Variables: students must list the variables that are given and for which they must sovle.
  • Formulas: students must write the formula without the numbers.
  • Work: students show their work and mathematical manipulations.

This problem set is when VFW really pays off. I find that students who are not careful about writing out the variables and formula often make a mistake in the signs and end up with the wrong values. Student Work on Doppler Formula shows exemplary work where the student writes out the variables, writes the formula and this helps them keep the signs correct for the final calculation.

  Staircase of Complexity: Student Work
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Doppler Effect Equation

Unit 5: Waves
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: Students use the Doppler effect equation to calculate apparent shifts in frequency or the velocity of a moving wave source or observer.

Big Idea: The Doppler effect can be used to calculate the velocity of either a wave source or observer of a wave.

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Waves, Science, velocity (Physics), wavelength, Doppler Effect, frequency (Waves), physics, wave equation, Doppler effect equation
  50 minutes
doppler formula
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